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Film Festival

Come and enjoy an evening of independent short films, screened in unusual spaces, in a beautiful setting near Helston.

Curated by artist collaborators ‘The Splendid Sisters’ to showcase international and homegrown talent, these innovative films are themed around choreography and sound score.

The exciting selection includes new work by Aneta Panek, Yolande Snaith and Nelson Holtz.


“I love everything The Splendid Sisters create; they are an inspiration”.

Cocktails, food, fire and wonder all included in your ticket.


Lightly spiced Dhall served with chapati, garlic yogurt and a coriander relish 

All homemade 


Fruit  Daiquiri

Amereto sour

Gin and Tonic 


Soft drink 


With food and drink sit by the fire and enjoy the stars 

The B screen

- Flat -

- Carried -

- Fire -

The Hut

- The Seven Rituals of Hesitance and Fortitude - 

The Tunnel

- Gog MaGog -

- Deep Time Moving -

- the next ones -

- Brains brains brains -

- it's our birthday -

The Orchard

- Can You See Me -

- Making the Invisible Visible -

The Studio

- Eine Ballade -

- Incantations -

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