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Open the Box Arts is a female led artist collaboration between Melanie Young and Caroline Schanche with 2 main objectives:


1. To create socially engaged arts projects with diverse groups of people, particularly people who may feel excluded from mainstream culture.


2. To create beautiful performances and installations combining visual art, film, movement and sound to shine a light on the mysterious process of grief, loss and resolution.


We use collaboration, co-creation and curation to engage, inspire and delight.


‘I was taken on a transformative journey’, Jack Morrison, Feast.

The starting premise for our collaboration is ‘un–knowing’. By creating a space full of possibility, word, song, object and image become the material for the participants’ artworks. 

Our practice encompasses choreography, improvisation, making and curation.

These are combined to create high quality and engaging projects.

Our benchmark for quality includes the need for a cohesive aesthetic,a sense of framing to hold together potentially disparate elements and a clarity of intention about the overall project.

Melanie Young 

Visual Artist / Co-Director 

Melanie is an artist based in Cornwall in the UK. She has exhibited her work both in the UK and internationally.  Her work has been showcased in large exhibitions and art fairs, such as the Saatchi Other Art Fair.  She is currently represented by Agora Gallery in New York.


Melanie’s work explores memories both recent and distant, as she covers then reveals a figure often standing in for herself, rediscovering something half forgotten.  The work addresses life-changing events in a way that is both playful and idiosyncratic.


Caroline Schanche

Dance Artist / Co-Director

Caroline Schanche is a freelance community dance artist. For the past 30 years she has worked in a variety of community, educational and care settings facilitating sessions across the age spectrum from toddlers to elderly infirm adults. 


She is Creative Director of ‘Sundance’ providing dance classes and social activities for people over 50 living in west Cornwall and Co-Artistic Director of Inner Ground Dance Company, Cornwall’s leading contemporary dance company for mature dancers. She is an associate lecturer at the Peninsular College of Medicine and Dentistry and regularly leads movement and singing sessions in care settings and memory cafes.  

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